Transition Requirements
Below are the guidelines from our Parent Handbook which will help parents know when their child is ready to transition from the Toddler Program to the Primary Program.  Most of these changes will occur at the beginning of Summer Camp or in September if the child meets the below criterion.

Promotion from one level to the next:
A student at MCH proceeds at his/her own pace. We take each child's academic, social, emotional, and physical development into consideration when making a decision regarding promotion readiness.  In addition to evaluating the child's total development, the following guidelines apply:

  • Children should be 3 by September 1 of the upcoming school year

  • Children should be potty-trained (please refer to our potty training policy)

  • Children should be able to interact with other students, guides, and other adults

Potty Training Policy

Media Children’s House requires that children entering into the Primary Program (3-6) are potty trained. Media Children’s House is not a daycare and the primary classrooms are not equipped for diapering/potty training. 

A potty trained child ...

  • Will tell the teacher that he/she needs to go to the bathroom before needing to go

  • Is able to go to the bathroom (either urinating or a bowel movement) on his/her own. That includes being able to remove clothing, sit on the toilet, wipe himself/herself using an appropriate amount of toilet paper, put clothing back on, flush the toilet, and wash and dry hands.

  • Is fully aware of using the toilet without reminders from the teachers (although, teachers do make requests of children at various times of the day- before or after meals and before going to the playground).

  • Does not wear pull-ups or diapers. He/she must be in regular underwear.

  • Is able to postpone going if waiting for someone else who is in the bathroom or if we are outside 

Why do children need to be potty trained before entering the Primary Program?

The Primary Program does not have the staffing to potty train our students. The ratios required for primary students are higher than a toddler classroom and do not allow for potty training or diapering. If a teacher is spending their time with potty training, then he/she is unable to work with children in routine daily activities. This is not fair to any of the children.

Diapering stations are a licensing requirement for programs that change diapers. There are strict standards for changing and disposing of wet or soiled diapers or clothing. This does not fall within the perimeters of licensing requirements for a Private Academic School.

We understand that accidents happen. This is why each child should have an extra pair of clothes here at school. However, if you child has accidents frequently, we do not consider them potty-trained. If after the first few weeks of school the situation is not manageable within the classroom environment, we will discuss the issue with the parents. Considerations may include having the child return to the Young Community (toddler program) until potty trained. If there is no available room in Young Community, MCH reserves the right to suspend attendance of the child from Primary until they are fully potty trained.

MCH reserves the right to have a transition meeting with parents of students who are due to move up to the Primary Program in order to make a determination as to whether the student is truly ready.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have!