School Events

Celebrating Italy with a Feast!

Last week we learned about Italy - the artists, the scientists, the landmarks, and the FOOD! The kids thoroughly enjoyed our Italian feast which consisted of various types of pasta, as well as salad and bread. Below are some photos from the festivities!

Winter Concert 2018

Although we were left without a venue less than 24 hours before showtime, we knew in our hearts that somehow it would all work out!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the American Legion of Aston PA for coming to our rescue and allowing us to hold our concert in their hall, free of charge. It truly is the season of kindness, and we will be forever grateful that they helped us out of a bind so that the show could go on!

We also thank all the staff and parents of MCH for pulling together and helping us to make the most of a difficult situation. The kids were able to sing their hearts out to this year’s theme “Sweet December” and had a blast!

And what a sweet beginning to our winter break it has been, to just see how the community comes together in times like this. Have an amazing holiday season, everyone!

Thanksgiving Feast 2018

MCH had its Annual Thanksgiving Feast yesterday and between the food and the whole school sitting down together in one room, it was both super yummy and super adorable!