Spring Concert and Kindergarten Graduation 2019

Today we concluded our school year with our spring concert and it was definitely an event to remember! The theme was “A Disney Spectacular”. The kids sang and danced along to various Disney songs and the kindergarteners read speeches about their year and had their graduation ceremony. We are so thankful to all of the MCH families who made this school year so awesome! Have a great summer, and stay tuned for summer camp updates!

Kindergarten Dinner Dance 2019 - "Be Our Guest!"

The kindergarteners had a blast at their dinner dance last Wednesday, which had the theme “Be Our Guest”! The teachers served dinner to each student in grandiose fashion, and the kiddos danced the night away as they celebrated the culmination of their Montessori education <3

Wacky Wednesday 2019

Things were definitely wacky at MCH last Wednesday! Kids were wrapped up in bubble wrap and sent rolling down the hill! There were all kinds of wacky hairstyles and crazy outfits! Instead of eating lunch on the tables, they placed their lunches on their chairs and sat on the floor! Pure wackiness, I tell you!

Enjoy the photos!

MCH Presents: A Night at the Museum

We held our “Night at the Museum” last night to showcase our student’s beautiful artwork to all our parents here at MCH! Each classroom was transformed into a wing of MCH’s Art Museum and showcased student work which was created in the style of various famous artists and the parents loved it!

Each of our kindergarteners also researched an artist, inventor, or builder and prepared a booth to showcase their work! They then shared their findings with passers-by who were all thoroughly impressed by their presentation skills and knowledge on their chosen person! We are so very proud of all of our students for their hard work, and we acknowledge the heart and soul that all of the teachers put into preparing for this amazing event! We hope everyone had a blast - please enjoy some images from this memorable night!

Spring Festival and Northley Middle School's Career Day!

Today we had our annual spring festival here at MCH in which the students got to celebrate all things spring! The nice weather even allowed us to have our egg hunt outside! A special thanks to the students from Northley Middle School who came to our school for their career day. They were extremely helpful with the children in making crafts, snacks, and in setting up the egg hunt! We hope they will come back again to help out for future events as we’d love to have them!